Shall Measure A (the Shasta County Public Safety Transactions and Use Tax Ordinance) be adopted?

To provide approximately $31,000,000 annually for the specific public safety purposes of:
(1) providing funding for County jail facilities, operations, programs, and services, including medication-assisted treatment and rehabilitation programs while in custody and also after release, and alternatives to County jail incarceration,

(2) providing funding for law enforcement and emergency services (including fire protection) in the unincorporated area of Shasta County and in the Cities of Redding, Anderson, and Shasta Lake,

(3) providing funding for criminal prosecutions by the District Attorney, for criminal defense by the Public Defender, and for the duties of Probation as they relate to adult offenders,

The measure allows the County of Shasta to enact a one percent (1%) transactions and use tax throughout the entire county.

The measure creates an Oversight Committee and an annual audit requirement detailing how the funds have been spent.

The tax will be in effect until reduced or repealed by the Board of Supervisors by a 4/5 vote.



These funds will increase jail space (up to 500 additional beds). We will hold criminals accountable when we have the jail space to hold them until trial.  We will also provide needed in-custody treatment for addiction and mental health issues.

In-Custody Treatment

These funds provide Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), mental health services, and rehabilitative programs for inmates while in custody, as well as post release treatment and training.

Quality of Life

With these funds, we will aggressively address the quality of life crimes, addiction, mental health, and homelessness challenges facing our community.   Without this tax measure, crime and addiction in our community will get worse.

Law Enforcement

These funds are exclusively for Public Safety and our Criminal Justice System. This includes but is not limited to:
Additional police officers (up to 25 in the City of Redding, 3 in the City of Anderson and 3 in the City of Shasta Lake), additional Sheriff’s Deputies (up to 20) with priority in rural areas, additional Correction Officers (up to 55), additional Probation Officers, additional fire & emergency services, additional personnel for the District Attorney and Public Defender.


This is a SPECIAL Tax. Taxpayers, by their vote, determine exactly and legally where the tax funds can be spent.

  1. Once the Tax Measure is enacted, it is the law.
    • No Elected Body or government official can change the categories for where the funds can be spent.
  1. An independent, 3rd party auditor will review all expenditures for compliance in addition to a citizen’s oversight committee to ensure transparency. This information will be available to the public.
  2. As the measure stipulates, these funds cannot be used for existing expenses, existing unfunded liabilities, or supplant any existing general budget items that have been previously funded.

A Community of  endorsements

“The Shasta County Deputy Sheriff’s Association, comprising of Deputy Sheriffs, D.A. Investigators, and Correctional Deputies, are proud to support the proposed 1% sales tax initiative. The specific funding the initiative would generate is critical in creating jail beds to hold criminals accountable, hiring more public safety personnel to serve the community, and giving much needed resources to assist drug rehabilitation programs and mental health services.”

Ben Estill


The Redding Peace Officers Association is endorsing Measure A. Measure A holds criminals accountable, protects our citizens, and supports Law Enforcement and the entire Criminal Justice System.

RPOA Board of Directors


To all our law enforcement, first responders, medical professionals, and all members of our criminal justice system, we support you! We will provide you with the resources necessary to safely and effectively serve & protect our community.

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